Drawn picture of an anthropomorphic long-eared bunny person, Fidgetcetera's avatar.


Ace Jaycee, or Fidgetcetera, is a weird queer furry with feelings on the internet. Xey use xey/xem pronouns for xemself, or they/them (if you forget). The X is prononounced like a Z, as in "xylophone." Xey use the honorific Mx., pronounced "mix."

Ace has lots of places where xey talk online. Here are a few:

You can also give xem money:

Ace is also queer as fuck. Specifically, xey're aromantic, bisexual, transgender, and nonbinary. Those mean, respectively, that xey don't really understand or want romantic relationships, xey like and are attracted to people with many different genders with heavy preferences towards some over others, weren't initially assigned the gender xey currently are, and xeir gender doesn't fit into any binary ideas of gender.